Unsigned Stealth Server Source***Fixed***Original No Kv Mode**

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Unsigned Stealth Server Source***Fixed***Original No Kv Mode**

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I fixed Unsigned Stealth source. The COD engine delivery system was missing fortunately I have that so I included it in. To use cheats turn them on from the dashhome button. Also I built a CE COD base to test out the engine delivery system. Everything was working fine for me. Also colors are loaded from mysql & sent to xbox after Auth is 1st run just an FYI.

Mysql seems to require an SSL connection I tested this on NFO webhosting & it worked fine! Xke was to messed up so I had to redo that. Also you'll have to dump your own salts if you want to go online. Dont worry I provided the sram to do this. If you get any errors for the xke try installing Visual studio 2010 & xbox neighborhood devkit files(Full install) on your VPS or whatever your using to host. NoKv mode seems to be working pretty flawlessly for me I havent had any issues yet. In order to use you'll need to load each folder with an invdividual kv file found in "bin\data\NoKVMode" directory. Also delete any kv's on the /hdd.

Overall this source is kinda clunky but very doable.






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