Silent's Devkit(Flashed) Source /w UI

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Silent's Devkit(Flashed) Source /w UI

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Just did this tonight. Its for Devkits only. Has Hud Ui & dash colors. Included XeCheats as well. Used this with a Trinity Rgh 1, I cant guarantee it will work on your RGH as well since these things are unstable.

Forgot to put stealth.ini into source-
Devkit Source- ...

Your VPS & PC should be x64, so I installed this onto both ... -installer then opened powershell & ran dotnet stealth.dll

Here's a couple of bat files that may be useful ... r.bat/file ... e.bat/file

Needed files:
Install Microsoft VS 2010- ... 50998.html

Install Microsoft VS 2015 or Higher-

Install Xbox 360 Neighborhood(Full install!)- ... t-lGq6-vJM

UI Tools- ... o69FIG9EuE

.Net Framework-


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